Product Review of Greased Lightning

product review

Have you ever known about Greased Lightning? In the event that you’ve at any point endeavored to get the muckety-grime off the base of your shower floor you’ll need to think about Greased Lightning Super Strength. I’m demonstrating how to utilize Greased Lightning to clean a shower and we’ll cover the Safety Data Sheets so you can remain safe while utilizing it. So, here is the product review.

Lubed Lightning Super Strength

proficient housekeepers have been utilizing Greased Lightning for quite a long time. What’s more, they swear by it in view of the cleaning power.

Lubed Lightning is an item that has been around since 1985. What’s more, it’s fabricated by an organization called Home Care Labs in Lawrenceville, GA, USA.

Presently, this is their lead item. It’s been around, similar to I say, for a long time. What’s more, presently they have a line of de-greaser items for things like vehicle wheels.

Lubed Lightning Cleaner and Degreaser – Product Review

Okay, presently when you consider oil, what’s your opinion of?

Indeed, you consider open air devices, similar to grass trimmers and tillers and hedgers and things like that. Gas regurgitates or breaks and gunk expand on the motors.

In the event that you need to clean those apparatuses, Greased Lightning is an astonishing item for that.

It’s additionally incredible for outside porches.

Lubed Lightning for Outdoor Patio Grills and Furniture – Product Review

Ever have a picnic and oil from the flame broil gets wherever on the barbecue? Lubed Lightning works superbly of expelling that.

It’s extraordinary for grill pits, flame broils, yard furniture, it does ponders.

Good now, on the off chance that you come inside the house, you’ll locate an astonishing exhibit of employments inside.

In this way, in your kitchen, for instance, suppose that you’re cooking bacon and it splatters out on your backsplash. Lubed Lightning will take that off the fixed coated tile and stone.

Lubed Lightning Cleans Stoves, Ranges, Hoods, and Ovens – Product Review

It’s extraordinary for the highest point of your stove, it’s incredible for clearing out within your broiler, it’s extraordinary for cleaning down the backsplash.

Not the pantries, OK, this isn’t intended for wood. Yet, the coated surfaces for the stove and the broiler and stuff that way, are alright.

Lubed Lightning Job Assessment – Product Review

Moving to the shower, what we’re taking a gander at are the edges and the edges around the fiberglass floor container. This has shape that is beginning to develop in the corners and fissure of the grout. Presently it’s not terrible, I’ve seen so much more terrible, however this is an extraordinary chance to perceive how this functions.

In this way, we have a smidgen of shape in the corners and we are very brave, disgusting stuff in every one of the corners around where the floor container meets the grout. And after that the floor skillet itself has dark, yucky stuff on it. What’s more, we will most likely clean that out with the Greased Lightning.

Focus around the edges of the entryways where seals meet.

PPE: Personal Protective Equipment

Subsequent stages are to wear a face veil and dispensable gloves for individual defensive gear.


Lubed Lightning Cleaner and Degreaser – Needs Ventilation after that how about we open a few windows in the open room nearby. What’s more, we’ll turn on the roof fan for ventilation.

Wellbeing Caps/Seals:

Lubed Lightning Cleaner and Degreaser – Safety CapAnother wellbeing precautionary measure Greased Lightning has furnished us with is a security screw top on the highest point of the spout. This enables us to divert it from off to shower before utilizing it.

Floor Mats:

Lubed Lightning Cleaner and Degreaser – expel bathmat firstThen to ensure our ground surface we’re going to evacuate the floor tangle that is in the washroom beside the shower. Along these lines on the off chance that we spill anything or it spills off of the glass, it won’t spill onto the floor tangle and we won’t need to swap that for the client.

Splash Greased Lightning and Let Dwell

Lubed Lightning Cleaner and Degreaser – Spraying shower downAll right, presently we’re going to splash the Greased Lightning in every one of the corners and on everything that resembles shape or mold.

We should splash every one of the edges where the tile meets the floor container. Also, we should not overlook the seals around the entryways and dividers.

At that point we’ll shower the floor itself and let the Greased Lightning do its enchantment.

Amid our moment or two pauses, we’ll utilize our OXO Deep Clean Brushes and scour the entryway seals and track. What’s more, with the brushes still in our grasp, we’ll go over the grout lines that had form and mold.

You can see it coming appropriate off. The Greased Lightning has slackened the gunk.

Clean the Shower and Rinse

Lubed Lightning Cleaner and Degreaser product review – Scrubbing Shower Floor using a handheld scour brush, we clean the floor dish where we splashed the Greased Lightning. Watch as the spots vanish.

Regardless we need to put in an honest effort and on a size of one to 10 with 10 being the hardest, we’re scouring at a four or five.

After we’ve cleaned everything down, we’ll flush the whole shower with the handheld shower head on a hose.

Goodness, and move cautiously so you don’t get doused.

Once flushed, we’ll wipe the shower down with a cautious accentuation around the sides of the glass where a squeegee doesn’t exactly get the water.

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